Issues for Kennesaw

You can grow Kennesaw into the haven for your family and home with the right advocate on the Kennesaw City Council. Beatrice will be your advocate.

Downtown Development:

Our great city must have a downtown that brings families together and gives them a space to be together. We can support positive, valuable growth in downtown Kennesaw. Our city council should promote festivals, farmers markets, and events with the new amphitheatre, giving families those opportunities to share moments together.

Public Services:

Residents will receive the services they need to improve and protect their quality of life. Our city council can protect our natural treasures that give us a sense of place and belonging. Protecting our homes with efficient and responsive public safety is an absolute requirement. Making public goods like our Recreation Center accessible for Kennesaw residents of all ages to live healthy and active lives in safe spaces. Services that make our lives better, no matter the age, is a priority of Beatrice.

Prioritize City Infrastructure

When families know their streets, water, and sanitation are cared for, it gives them an opportunity to build a home their family feels safe, Our city council must support city departments with adequate staffing and funding, especially street maintenance to improve any maintenance projects and making sure your concerns are heard and prioritized. Good infrastructure means you spend more time at home with your family.

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Beatrice Shakal for City Council

PO Box 152, Kennesaw, GA 30156

(678) 626-2651

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