About Beatrice Shakal

As a wife and mother, Beatrice Shakal is running for Kennesaw City Council because she has a deep investment in the city’s future progress. Beatrice Shakal's story is a testament to the power of the American Dream and the profound impact of first-generation American resilience. Born into a family that believed in hard work and the possibilities of a new country, Beatrice's journey into the world of political and policy work was fueled by her own experiences and the sacrifices her parents made for a better future. This foundation laid the groundwork for a career dedicated to making effective and efficient policy changes, ensuring that those who follow the rules have a fair path to success.

A Journey of Impact and Advocacy

Beatrice's professional trajectory is marked by significant accomplishments and deep involvement in political and policy landscapes. Her work has spanned from the halls of the U.S. Congress to the British Parliament, showcasing her versatility and commitment to fostering change on both domestic and international fronts. Her efforts in advocating for pro-family policies and safeguarding girls' sports highlight her dedication to social causes, despite the political challenges they may entail.

Overcoming Challenges with Grace and Determination

Navigating a career in a male-dominated field, Beatrice faced and overcame challenges that would deter many. Underestimation only fueled her drive to succeed. Confronting prejudices about her minority status and her strong Catholic-Christian faith, Beatrice remained steadfast, using empathy and understanding as tools to bridge divides and advocate for moral and just causes.

Vision for Kennesaw: A Family-Friendly City of Tomorrow

Beatrice Shakal's vision for Kennesaw is clear: to cultivate a community where families can thrive in a safe, vibrant, and economically robust environment. Understanding the challenges of growth and inflation, she is committed to working with city management to safeguard homestead taxes and ensure SPLOST funds are effectively utilized for the benefit of the community. Her dedication to making Kennesaw a destination for both residents and visitors alike speaks to her deep commitment to the city she has set for her family’s roots that they and future generations can thrive. 

A Champion for the Unseen

Representing the many faces of Kennesaw who feel unseen or unheard, Beatrice stands as a beacon of hope and action. Her campaign is a promise to be the voice for those who doubt their impact, encouraging greater civic engagement and participation. Her personal and professional experiences—shaped by challenges, faith, and a deep-seated belief in community—make her uniquely positioned to lead Kennesaw towards a future where every resident is proud to call it home.

Beatrice Shakal's biography is not just a story of personal achievement; it's a narrative of community, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of a better tomorrow for all. Her journey from a first-generation American to a policy influencer and community leader embodies the ideals that make Kennesaw, and indeed America, a land of opportunity and promise.

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Beatrice Shakal for City Council

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