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Kennesaw originated with the Western and Atlantic Railroad. The city's strategic locale led to "Big Shanty Grade" and the notable Lacy House for travelers.

Supporting Community. Building Kennesaw.

Kennesaw is a city on the rise, but still rooted in the values that make this a wonderful place to raise a family. Between our beautiful parks to the foundations for a vibrant city, we have the opportunity to grow something amazing.

Communities Make Cobb County Home

Kennesaw has grown by over 56% in the last twenty years. The city's population stands at about 33,000 people, having grown from about 21,000 at the turn of the century.

Wife. Mother. Advocate.

Beatrice balances her role as a dedicated wife and mother in Kennesaw with active involvement in her community. Her commitment to family and community is complemented by a professional career in policy planning and political fields, underscoring her versatile contributions both at home and in public service.

Communities Make Cobb County Home

Beatrice Shakal for City Council

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